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The Arc of Greater Cleveland shared Disability Rights Ohio's post.

Disability Rights Ohio

A big win! In an 8-0 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that Ehlena Fry's family doesn't have to exhaust the administrative process under IDEA before filing a lawsuit against the school district over her service dog because it is a matter of public accommodation, not about her education.

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Heartbreaking story, it could have been written about many in our system here in Cleveland Ohio.

Teen With Intellectual Disability Locked In Legal Limbo


Six in 10 youths in Florida juvenile justice programs are believed to have developmental disabilities. Experts say some are capable of understanding the legal system, but many never will be.

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The Arc of Greater Cleveland shared a link.

Study Finds Medicaid Waivers Help Parents Stay Employed


Parents of children with autism are more likely to remain in the workforce if they have access to Medicaid waiver services for their kids, new research suggests.

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