Justice For All

The Justice for All program advocates as part of a team with probation departments and court psychiatric clinics, as well as the county board to help ensure that individuals are treated equally and fairly within the judicial system.  This program has multiple facets: ensuring an equal opportunity for an alternative to incarceration and habilitative programming, addressing current legal issues of individuals with IDD and services for individuals with IDD who have been involved with the legal system.  This program provides opportunities to participate in Teaching Anger Management to People with Special Needs and Standing Tall.

Standing Tall

What:  Standing Tall is a peer group that provides a safe environment for individuals with IDD who have been incarcerated to explore the issues they are experiencing while re-entering the community.  This group will also provide an opportunity for the participants to build the skills they need to advocate for themselves.

Who:  This group is open to all adults with IDD who have been involved in the legal system.  You must be referred to this program.  Referrals for Standing Tall come from multiple private sources.

When:  Once a month

Where:  To Be Announced

Teaching Anger Management to People with Special Needs (AMT)

What:  AMT is a training program designed to teach methods of controlling anger as well as socially acceptable ways to express anger. The goal is NOT to eliminate anger, because anger is seen as a natural response that everyone experiences at times.

Who: This training will be open to persons with IDD who have previously been incarcerated, been referred by the justice system, or need to be trained in conflict resolution.

When:  The training lasts 12 to 18 weeks

Where: A centralized location that will be announced