Partners In Policymaking

The Arc of Greater Cleveland Seeks Participants for its 2016 Partners in Policymaking® Program

Partners in Policymaking® is a leadership training program for self-advocates and parents of young children, under the age of 12, with disabilities.  It provides state-of-the-art knowledge about developmental disability issues and builds the competencies necessary to all participants to become advocates who can effectively influence public officials.

The Arc of Greater Cleveland is currently seeking applications from interested people who have developmental disabilities or who are parents of young children, under the age of 12, with developmental disabilities to participate in Partners in Policymaking®.  This program is designed to provide information, training and skill building so that participants may obtain the most appropriate state-of-the art services for themselves and others.

“Partners” learn about current issues and best practices and become familiar with the policymaking and legislative processes at the local, state, and federal levels.  The overall goal is to achieve a productive partnership between people needing and using services and those in a position to make policy and law.

Partners attend two-day training sessions five times during the year (January through May) with sessions beginning Friday early afternoon and concluding Saturday mid-afternoon. Each session is devoted to specific topics with national and regional presenters.  Partners are expected to complete a homework assignment between sessions and to commit to a project such as serving on a Board, organizing a letter writing campaign, or other project that corresponds to the mission of the Partners in Policymaking® program.

Session Topics Include:

  • History of the Parent, Independent Living, and Self-Advocate Movements
  • Inclusive Education
  • Service Coordination by Local/County Government and Visions for the Future
  • State and Federal Policy and Legislative Issues
  • Community Organizing, Media and Advocacy
  • Supported Living, Supported/Competitive Employment
  • Parliamentary Procedure and How to conduct a Meeting

The Arc of Greater Cleveland is actively seeking highly motivated individuals to participate in the Partners in Policymaking® program.  We are looking for members of the group to represent different ethnic backgrounds, different geographic areas of Ohio, and a variety of disabilities.  Please feel free to make copies of this packet for dissemination to interested individuals or call The Arc of Greater Cleveland at the number below to obtain additional copies.

Lodging and meals for program participants will be provided by The Arc of Greater Cleveland as funds are available.  Expenses for travel, child care, personal care attendant services and translator services will be reimbursed on an as needed basis.

The tentative dates and location for the monthly training sessions are to be determined.