Brandon’s Place (Autism Community)

Brandon’s Place is a new nonprofit organization located in Oakwood Village, Ohio that provides personalized and interactive services to the autism community. We are a non-therapeutic center and serve those just diagnosed through adulthood. Our focus is delivering recreational programming to individuals with autism and their families, just choose a program, sign up and have fun!



26118 Broadway Ave
Oakwood Village, OH 44146


(440) 232-9906



Come Dance With Me

10+ years.
This creative movement dance class gives individuals with autism an opportunity to express themselves and socialize with others while dancing. The class will take individuals through movement, dance, improvisation and learning to partner. Simple steps will be taught throughout each class, working towards presenting a holiday recital to showcase our improvement and growth! Visual supports, choice time, motivating and non-invasive movements, sensory breaks, and a comforting atmosphere make these classes ideal for individuals with autism.


Fitness For Fun

All ages.
This class provides a casual environment to explore different aspects of physical fitness in a fun and structured manner. Individuals will be engaged in different physical warm-up techniques to enhance body awareness, range of motion, and gross motor imitation. Activities will include stretching, rotating gross motor stations, relays, and obstacle courses all while working together and having fun. There will be use of visual supports, choice time, motivating and non-invasive movements, sensory breaks, and a comfortable atmosphere making these classes ideal for individuals with autism. Typical peers always welcome.



10+ years.
Students will learn yoga poses, breath and meditation in a friendly, intimate and structured environment. Each week students will learn and review 5-10 poses, basic breathing and meditation techniques. The room will have soothing music and will have soft lighting. There will be detailed auditory and visual cues. The initial poses will be downward dog, cat, cow, cobra, river, tree, bridge and dolphin. The initial breathing styles will be: snake breath, elephant breath, bumblebee breath, bunny breath.

Class requirements: Students can easily remain balanced on their mat while in a seated, standing or kneeling position. They can effortlessly forward bend as well as having good body awareness. If you have questions about the class requirements, please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.